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We help smart cities accelerate the process from idea to realized project. We’ve developed a process for setting up IoT pilots to get the maximum value in the shortest amount of time. Together with our experiment platform (SenseView), we really believe in the power of doing rather than getting stuck in planning.

Our team worked early with connected sensors via Lora-WAN and have built solutions using both off-the-shelf and custom built sensors. We want to contribute to development of cities where technology, digitization and new ways of working can be a catalyst to reach the UN 17 Development Goals 

Since the start of the alliance we’ve worked with several of the members building pilots within a number of areas. The projects have included real-time water temperature (sensor buoy/sensor box), parking, containers (filling level, fire), real estate (mixing various data sources), waterflow, presence detectors, alarm clocks. 

We would love to help if your city needs a partner to accelerate the rollout of smart IoT solutions.

All Binary
Christian Malmström
 +46 733 124 940

Visiting address: Campus Gräsvik 2, 371 75 Karlskrona