Ambiductor is Scandinavia’s first supplier of energy meters and water meters with integrated IoT via LoRa. Through a framework agreement with both Sinfra and HBV, they are a recommended supplier to district heating, water distribution and apartment metering in Sweden. They also deliver accurate sensors for temperature and moisture with LoRa, as well as enable LoRa communication with all equipment that has analogue and digital outputs. They are primarily a hardware supplier, but they also offer some measurement technology services.

Karl-Johan Hultman

Mobile: +46 (0)70-426 76 76
Direct: +46 (0)8-409 046 61
Skype: kalle.hultman
Company: +46 (0)8-501 676 76
Address: Armévägen 61-63
S-187 64 TÄBY , Sweden
Flow & Energy Analysis Systems
Framework agreement with SINFRA and HBV
First supplier in Scandinavia with integrated LoRa