Connectitude is part of the Cenito Group, focusing on solutions that help companies and municipalities accelerate their digitalisation. Our own system solutions and turnkey platforms for smarter cities are designed not to be proprietary to specific technology but instead to be open, scalable and future-proof. Our expertise as a system integrator covers all links in the supply chain; from creating efficient flows for data collection from sensors and machines, to developing attractive applications that create value-adding effects for the city’s residents, businesses and institutions.

For cities that have chosen LoRaWAN as a communication solution for sensors, we can retrieve data directly from the city’s hubs to our secure cloud portals via APIs. The user portal creates role-controlled dashboards based on a selection of the twenty ready-made widgets we offer for visualization, analysis, prediction and more. It is also easy to develop completely own widgets or embed other suppliers ready-made applications in the cloud portals. Our widgets can easily be used as web apps even for mobiles and tablets.

For the municipality’s existing installations of automation and control systems, as well as for more complex and important functions, we have also developed a system with intelligent Field Gateways. These can aggregate, filter and react to the data traffic at a local level from a large number of machines and sensors with different fieldbus protocols, which are usually needed in, for example, a treatment plant or a power station. The data can then be interpreted and transmitted to the hub in the communication format the municipality wishes. Our Field Gateways are always equipped with their own database and offer redundant connection to our cloud portals via GSM / 3G / 4G. In this way, the municipality’s vulnerability is reduced in the event of disturbances in the urban network.

Today, our solutions are available in over 400 live installations, on premises, mobile and marine. The platform also includes ready-made fieldbus protocols for CANbus, so that the municipality’s cars and construction machines also continuously report vehicle values ​​and status of work performed, for example through relevant key figures in real time, supplemented with a map view with GPS tracking.

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