IoT Application and Hardware AB

IoT Application and Hardware AB is a fast growing company focused on IoT technology.
We have 30 years of experience in the automation industry in terms of product sales,
installation, programming and support. We offer a large range of high quality
IoT sensors and IO modules that can be integrated with existing operating monitoring systems (SCADA) or
other platforms if desired. We help you to succeed with your IoT Project. Telemetry
and measurement technology is our specialty. We work with software development in .NET and SQL databases.

Johan Ansgariusson Stenström
CEO / Sales
Gothia Science Park | Box 133 | 54123 Skövde | Sweden
Cell: +46(0)733-165 100 | Tel : +46(0)500-6000 22 | SKYPE :

Telemetry and measurement technology with GPRS, Sigfox or LoRa. We offer planning support, configuration, assembly, support and maintenance of different kinds of mobile and stationary units.