Transtema Network Services

Transtema Network Services offers complete installation/construction and maintenance of IoT solutions to the City Hub Alliance members and suppliers.
Through our own and our employees’ long experience of work in all environments in both urban and rural areas and in all technologies regardless of origin, we see ourselves equipped and experienced to be the given partner for the technology revolution that IoT entails.

A fun, developing journey with innovative technology which we are very excited about!
Transtema Network Services is a market-leading supplier of field services in Sweden. We are proud to be one of the leading suppliers in the design, construction, maintenance and monitoring of infrastructures for all types of technical communication networks.

We build and maintain network infrastructure and deliver services to all parts of Sweden’s field service market. With quality, reliability and service as a key word, we are the natural partner for both customers and suppliers.

TNS sales
Jan Bergegårdh
+46 (0)76 720 37 72
Postal & visiting address:
Kanalstråket 3
S-433 76 Jonsered
+46 (0)31-3108000
Transtema Network Services AB