Secure your business with TrueSec cyber security services. Stay ahead of cyber criminals! Security challenges are rapidly changing due to market changes, the mobile workforce, converging technology, and transition to the cloud.

TrueSec was founded in 2004 as an expert company focusing on Cybersecurity. As a leading cyber security consulting company, TrueSec offers a wide range of services including security health checks, security engineering, and penetration testing, all provided by true cyber security specialists. We can help you develop secure products, and also create appropriate solutions and applications tailored for your specific business requirements.
TrueSec has experience from testing security in LoRa environments and from Actility platform, from as an example the projects with other Stadshubbsallians-companies such as Allbinary. Hacking a Buoy
Setting up LoRa (or other) sensors that could be reached by anyone introduces a new possible entrypoint for a hacker, making it extremely important to make sure there are no weak links in the newly introduced system, and also the api’s on the receiving server, and its surrounding environment. This is where TrueSec can help out – identifying weaknesses, flaws and the mitigation of the threats.

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