Wellness Telecom

Wellness Telecom (WT) is a technology company providing IoT solutions to enhance efficiency, sustainability and interconnectivity for Smart Cities and Industry 4.0. A focus on innovation is the driving force behind the company’s evolution into a globally recognized market leader in IoT technology.

Wellness Telecom builds secure and interconnected ecosystems that provide greater added value and differentiation in the areas of Smart Living, Security and Sustainability. Wellness Telecom owns a vast portfolio of IoT products and services, designed and developed in Europe, including Smart Sensors, Big Data, Predictive Analytics, Telecommunications, Middleware and Apps, Cybersecurity and user facing Software.

In 2018, the company partnered with Enzen, a global leader in the Energy and Utilities sector, to strategically expand its offering for smart cities and industry, focusing on the applications of IoT innovation and new technologies on energy and utilities in the global economy.

Wellness Telecom is a trusted partner of over 100 private companies and 250 cities worldwide. The company currently has offices in Spain (Seville, Malaga and Madrid), Germany, Australia, Sweden, Mexico and the United States.

Contact: Tarek Saliba

EMEA Area Manager, Kalmar, Sweden

Tel +46 70 231 24 54





Gregor J. Mendel, 6

1ª planta-Edificio Da Vinci

41092-Isla de la Cartuja (Sevilla)

Tel +34 954 151 706