Welcome to StadshubbsAlliansen

Welcome to StadshubbsAlliansen

You Have the Unique Ideas. StadshubbsAlliansen Has the Unique Open Infrastructure.

Welcome to the Land of LoRa.
LoRa (Long Range) is a standard wireless technology that offers a compelling mix of long range, low power consumption and secure data transmission. It has become the technology of choice for building IoT networks worldwide. Read more about LoRa at www.lora-alliance.org

A Stadshubb/City Hub is a regional LoRaWAN™ with an open and neutral wholesale business model for connectivity. Basically LoRaWAN™ connectivity as a Service. This means that anyone who needs to communicate with LoRa sensors can easily do so without having to build or operate their own infrastructure.

StadshubbsAlliansen is made up of a growing number of regional City Hubs in Sweden – groups of cities working together both commercially and technically to provide robust and competitive wireless infrastructure for the Internet of Things.

The members of StadshubbAlliansen consist of regional fiber networks that have extensive experience of providing digital communication solutions. They all own their own fiber networks, which are used as important communication links in the City Hubs. The members are either fully or partially municipally owned. All have broad experience in working with local businesses and private customers while also dealing with infrastructure issues and urban development needs.

In Sweden, a majority of local municipalities have open fiber networks. With this well developed infrastructure in combination with LoRaWAN™ service the StadshubbsAlliansen creates a marketplace for realizing the potential of all digitalization – one technical and one business platform for multiple cities.

Together it builds Smart Cities.

Are you offering or working on developing LoRa-based IoT technology? Would you like to launch or test new such features, products and services? Then we can help. StadshubbsAlliansen has the infrastructure, expertise and customer relations to assist you implement your ideas. We at StadshubbsAlliansen can also provide complementary fiber-based connectivity services for needs other than LoRa.

StadshubbsAlliansen was founded and is operated by Öresundskraft, a member of LoRa Alliance.

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